From 30 minutes week to daily block scheduling, the Flying Classroom team collaborates with administrators and teachers to create customized pacing for implementation, so the program can be implmented in any setting. Flying Classroom has been implemented during the academic day, after-school programs, Saturday enrichment and summer programs.


Flying Classroom supports what we all know to be true: A one-size fits all approach to education will invariably leave some students behind. We focus on all students addressing interchangeably with multiple intelligence in ways that will not limit potential.


Assessments are woven throughout the Flying Classroom STEM+ curriculum. Open-ended vocabulary and content focused assessments allow for teachers to monitor student progress in a variety of expedition content areas. Flying Classroom contains a variety of rubrics for teachers to use that assess student progress on engineering design projects, constructed responses and open-ended assessments.

Content Connection

STEM+ represents Flying Classroom's integrative approach to STEM learning. The program includes connections to the four core areas of STEM, but also to the arts, social studies, literacy, geography and cultural lessions.

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