“Doctors had no problem telling me that four years ago, medicine and technology wouldn’t have been available to save my life.”   —Eduardo Garcia


Today, Barrington and the Flying Classroom will cross the Rocky Mountains en route to Seattle, Washington. Earlier this year, we traveled to the Rockies to meet Eduardo Garcia, whose inspiring life story earned him the name, “The Bionic Chef.”

As a teenager, Garcia first learned to cook while working as a prep chef on a ranch north of Yellowstone National Park. After college at the Art Institute of Seattle, he spent his twenties traveling the world as a chef for private yachts. He returned home to Bozeman in 2010 to co-found a line of salsas, seasonings, and hot sauces called Montana Mex. In short, life was good. And then on October 9, 2011, everything changed. As he explains to Barrington in the video above, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Want to see more bionic cooking? Watch Garcia prepare a Picante Salmon Tataki Salad here.

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