Singapore is a tiny island nation in Southeast Asia. How tiny? You could fit the whole country comfortably within the boundaries of New York City.

Photo: Oliver Uberti

Though its dense downtown areas can make the city/capital/country seems like one big shopping mall, almost half of the country is covered by gardens and national parks, earning Singapore the nickname, the "Garden City." In fact, they even build trees here! A “living skin” of more than 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowers covers a grove of man-made "Supertrees" (left). Photovoltaic cells on the trees harvest solar energy to light them up at night (top).

We came to Singapore to show you exotic Southeast Asian plants and animals and to learn how wildlife reserves protect endangered species. We need your help! There are simply too many nature reserves here to visit them all in the next three days. Here are seven we're considering and some of the creatures we might find in each. Cast your vote below to decide where we go.

Singapore Zoo: Orangutans, pygmy hippos, crocodiles, cheetahs, ring-tailed lemurs

River Safari: Red pandas, giant salamanders, jaguars, pufferfish, giant pandas

Night Safari: Tigers, sloth bears, pangolins, flying foxes, wallabies

Jurong Bird Park: Penguins, flamingos, falcons, lories, hornbills

Singapore Botanic Gardens: Orchids, bonsai trees, medicinal plants, wild gingers, prehistoric plants

Sungei Wetlands: Monitor lizards, otters, mud lobsters, kingfishers, mudskippers

Pulau Ubin: Monkeys, wild boars, otters, dugongs, mousedeer


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