Professional Learning at the Flying Classroom has three focused areas, lead explorer expeditions, building understanding in STEM and Flying Classroom, and providing in-school coaching.

Professional Development Series or Pathway

The curriculum and professional learning staff at the Flying Classroom work collaboratively with each school/school district to create a professional development series, or pathway, for lead explorers to engage in throughout the duration of their Flying Classroom instruction. Each topic and session is uniquely designed based on the needs of the lead explorers related to their current knowledge about STEM, project based learning, classroom management during student collaboration, science content and managing a learner centric environment.

Below are example professional learning topics:

Personal Learning Series 1 Day Sessions

Project Based Learning Institute (5 Day Learning Institute)

Lead Explorer Expedition

Lead explorers will engage in a unique STEM expedition that correlates to the content of the Flying Classroom but also aims to increase teacher engagement and understanding related to the STEM field. Each expedition is uniquely designed and introduces industry partners to lead explorers through experiential professional learning. expedition. The Flying Classroom has conducted Lead Explorer Expeditions on the following example topics:

Lead Explorer Tailored Professional Learning Session (in-school coaching)

In order to support Flying Classroom implementation, Lead Explorers (teachers) are provided with one-to-one in-school coaching and support. The in-school coaching focuses on the successful implementation of Flying Classroom expeditions by providing modeled lessons, vertical alignment sessions or a deep dive into understanding the curriculum. Each in-school coaching session is developed with an assigned Flying Classroom Implementation Manager and Lead Explorer. The discussion points and topic for the in-school coaching session are focused on needs derived from usage reports or communicated by the Lead Explorer. Each session is 3 hours.