Along the way, we’ll meet scientists and explorers to see how they use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in today’s world. Our 16 exciting expeditions will explore topics ranging from sea snakes to skyscrapers.
  • Aerobatic Flight School
    Learn aerodynamic principles as Captain Irving flies with the world’s top aerobatic pilot.
  • Bionic Human
    Meet a chef with a bionic arm and see how he can control it using only his mind.
  • STEM in Gaming
    See how geometry and physics are used to make video games realistic.
  • Sustainable Cities
    See how architects are engineering a rotating skyscraper.
  • Animal Rescue
    Visit wildlife reserves and meet some of the world’s most endangered species.
  • Coral Reefs
    Dive below the waves to see what coral reefs can tell us about the health of our oceans.
  • Invasive Species
    Help us protect the ecosystem from the world’s most poisonous toad.
  • Water Dynamics
    Visit the city known for its sailing and for being a hub of innovation.
  • Venom Saves Lives
    Learn how the deadliest animals can be the biggest life savers.
  • Mystery Expedition
    Follow the blog to find out where we go on this secret mission.
  • Mitsubishi Innovations
    Fly the MU-2 turboprop and perform a controlled engine shutdown in mid-air.
  • Volcanoes
    Study lava flows while hovering above one of the world’s most active volcanoes.
  • Glaciers
    Climb a glacier find what lives in the ice and how it affects our climate.
  • Design for Champions
    Visit Nike’s Innovation Kitchen to get a glimpse into the future of sportswear.
  • Weather Forecasting
    Meet the team that coaches Captain Irving through storms and foreign lands.
  • You Can Build Anything
    Discover how STEM can help you build a racecar in Captain Irving’s Build & Soar program.